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From Franco to Rajoy: Fascist stories

It’s Easier to step on me

if you dehumanize me and give me names

My fluent femininity and non-heterosexuality in a bag

Did I need to do this for you to hear me?


Will it ever end?

No Puc/ I can’t


A retrospective of self-hood and identity


Latest work

A retrospective of selfhood and identity

2020 - ∞

Many theorists and academics have explored the interrelation between power and identity. In her book, The Psychic Life of Power Theories In Subjection Judith Butler speaks about the idea that we are made of the language, the environment in which we live. Thus, we are subjected to the power for our own formation of the self, as the self is a performative act, triggered by these factors that surround us.

The installation A retrospective of self-hood and identity explores identity through the belief that identity is not intrinsical but created. Exploring the concept of identity formation juxtaposed with the Buddhist teachings of the Dharma, the installation takes us through a visual and textual enumeration of the concepts, ideas that we identify with, but that we are not. (Read more)
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