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Catalunya Series


These series are all inspired in the Catalan referendum 2017 and the events that happened subsequently.

During the referendum the Spanish government sent 10,000 military from Spain over to Catalonia. Police and military used force against people to stop them from voting. Els mossos (Catalan police) and bombers (firefighters) defending the people from police brutality. Citizens singing with their hands up: ‘Som gent pacifica, nomes volem votar’ (we are peaceful people, we only want to vote). The violence and abuse was denied, minimized and justified by public officials. An example of this was Alfonso Dastis, Spanish minister of external affairs who publicly denied any use of violence and claimed that the footage was fake.

Oppression continued over the years and continues to happen.


Lligams trencats (Broken strings)


People can no longer be manipulated by the hands of a fascist government. The strings are broken.
The sculpture came from witnessing the uncovering of a fascist country and government. Noticing that people started to realize the corruption and manipulation by the government, thus they could no longer be oppressed. A modern dictatorship, insurrection commences.

POBLE (The power, the people)


The sculpture was a representation of what is happening in Catalunya, the people slowly taking the power back and fighting for their voices to be heard. The dream becoming true, the fascist government is no longer in power, the people are...



This piece was made a few months after the referendum when once more the Spanish government abused their power.

The Catalan services (television, health services, police and the education system) started to be controlled and monitored by the Spanish government, Catalan politicians were put in prison for crimes like ‘disobedience’, anybody who publicly opposed the system would be put into prison (which continues to happen today). The latest example of this being Pablo Hasel, a rapper who has been sentenced to prison for a song in which he accused the king of Spain of crimes for which he is now being investigated .

This sculpture was inspired by the manipulation of information in the media and the lack of international coverage of the events. Those who fall are not seen.

As part of this series you can also find the performance From Franco to Rajoy histories feixistes (From franco to Rajoy, fascist tales) and It’s easier to step on my if you dehumanize me and give me names. See more on the performance page.
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