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Artist statement

Àfrica Ollé is a multidisciplinary artist. Her/ their practice spans a range of media including performance, sculpture, photography, installation art, poetry and essay.

The main subjects Ollé explores within her/ their works are: discrimination, gender inequality, gender issues, intersectional feminism, patriarchy, ableism, racism, LGBTQ+ issues, intersection of identities and the full set of -isms and their role in the system of hierarchies.

Ollé’s practice is rooted in research, enquiry, self-reflection and critique. Understanding how the effects of social, cultural and institutionalized conditioning affect our perception and judgement through information or therefore lack of. Ollé aims through her/ their art practice and research to question what is given and look for what is not seen. To understand her/ their own privilege, dismantle hierarchies. To be an ally. To never stop questioning and educating one-self.

Very often Ollé’s art pieces emerge from personal experiences which then get decontextualized into broader issues as well as her/ their ongoing research.

‘These processes arise from a feeling, a need for expression, a call for change, the necessity to express unconformity with the system, to level hierarchies, break with the established canon, and the urgency to create a platform for the people whose voices aren’t heard because of discrimination or because they are excluded from the master narratives’.

2021 by Àfrica Ollé